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Filler, my latest album, is an intense mix of hard rock, progressive rock and metal, also incorporating elements of electronica, classical music, industrial, rap, doom and death metal. Lyrically Filler explores themes of world war, the psychology of imperialists, the apocalypse, alienation from the universe and political corruption. For more information on The Cassini Projekt check out thecassiniproject.wordpress.com

My promotional video for “Citadel of Sorrow”, a track from Filler, can be viewed on Youtube at youtu.be/wL5A88cuxwY.


released March 17, 2012

Vocals, guitars, lead guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, piano performed by Alex Mc Donnell

Lead bass on Leviathan: The Song of Woe performed by Eoin Leonard,

Electric lead flute on IAO performed by Pat Mc Donnell



all rights reserved


The Cassini Projekt Ireland

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Track Name: The End of Everything
Do you think that we’re just software?

Is it all that we are?

Or could we be self aware?

When our insight got us this far

The thin veneer of this society

Ruled by private tyrannies

A lie for primitive hypocrisy!

The End of Everything

Does it tend to any meaning?

Axioms, through us, sing

What road will I take?

What will my choices bring?

Are we slaves to pre-history?

Would you question the hegemony?

Technology from evolution

A future derived from competing impressions

The architects of power congregate

They fail so they can alienate

A stasis is what they perpetuate!
Track Name: Citadel of Sorrow
Life is an eternal war

I weep for the world

For I know what’s to come

Narrating your nations history

Fighting over trivial shit

Pull yourself out of the morass

Because none of it matters.

You think you do know better

Though you really do know less

Lets cast aside the posturing aside for awhile

And get back to basics

In your fucking mind

We’ve all got to act and think the same

Go ahead and pursue an imperial cause

Use the legal system as your weapon

You robbed us of our future

But every action has its consequence

One law for you

Another for them

Don’t expect us

To take you seriously

We’re staring down the barrel

Of an apocalypse

Build your weapon stockpiles for Armeggedon

I reject your society

I reject your self serving laws

I’ll make your privilege my entitlement

They’d rather see the world burn

Than live in a new one

Go ahead and pursue an imperial cause

If you think it’ll make you feel better

You robbed us of our own future

But every action has its consequence

You are invited

To the end of the world

This song is for all you people out there

The face of justice wears two masks

Each generation of autocrats

Thinks that they’re the exception

I have seen the true face of your government

And it is that which they couldn’t stand to see in themselves

A gluttony of oligarchs have taken control

You think you know where all the pieces will fall

Well you better think again

You better think again

You robbed us of our future

You built this citadel of sorrow

Do we choose how to react?

Every action has a consequence.
Track Name: False Dawn
We look into the mirror,

Shows us what we want to see

The architects are self deceived

Mocking the principles which they profess to believe

Always taking more than you give

False dawns you instill

So self assured

The product of what is past

Words fail us

Nothing to say

Better think fast


Choice Determined

Writing our own paths through history


Undiscovered possibilities of existence

Ten years ago, a different world

And one that I seem to miss

I look up to the road ahead

And see the unknowns and the promise

Ennegrams are unified

What I experience now, years before

Feel the question of why am I?

Fly like a photon through the universe
Track Name: Leviathan: The Song of Woe
Leviathan, this is the song of woe

Leviathan, I am calling you

You ask the meaning of meaning

Could have sworn you asked me before

You arbitrate over nothing

And chase phantasms of truth

I wander alone with wraiths by my side

We parted ways to see what we could find

Burdened with regret through these plains I ride

Of sanctuary I am forever denied.

Leviathan, this is the song of woe

Leviathan, I am calling you

My question is ambiguously parsed

So you can derive two answers

In a world of improbability

The improbable becomes probable

I asked these same questions far back in the past

I cannot comprehend the world, its moving too fast

Years later I walk down this very same road

The new world is rising from the ruins of the old

Leviathan, this is the song of woe

Leviathan, I am calling you

I have walked this road thousands of years ago

With memories that were not my own

Questions often go unanswered

He had cast out the malifecarum

The witch whispered a secret spell

Casting flames fuelled by the ichor of hell

Leviathan, this is the song of woe!

I was here once a long time ago!

I sailed upon Athena’s wings

Across the starry seas

To battle ancient gods

For a greater destiny

Leviathan! No longer a song of woe!!!
Track Name: Profit from Doom
Secret club, secret club,

Looking down on high at the sheeple

While you sing icons

Don’t know where I’m going or where I’m from

I’m the piece that won’t fit, the piece that won’t fit!

Distintegrate, and recreate,

I want to see the fiefdoms go up in flames

Go up in flames!

Going crazy,

Think I’m going crazy,

Because they’re listening to my thoughts

They’re stealing my thoughts!

Escape Velocity

Let these limitations drain away

Pride or Ambition, all I can do is laugh

I want to walk along and be synchronised with the rhythm of the wave

Revealing up new vistas on this temporal road

Fortify, unify,

A tranquil respite from the storm outside,

The storm outside!

Profit of dreams,

Profits from doom,

I hope his nightmares don’t come true

Don’t come true!

Divide power into time and you get corruption with stagnation


You say you’re playing by the rules

When the game wouldn’t exist without you

It wouldn’t exist without you!!!

Escape velocity let these limitations drain away,

Fears or aspirations,

All I can do is laugh

I want to walk along and be synchronised with the rhythm of the wave

Revealing new vistas on this temporal road.


Escape velocity let these limitations drain away,

Learn the lesson and let go

All I can do is laugh

I want to walk along and be synchronised with the rhythm of the wave

Revealing new vistas on this temporal road.
Track Name: Infernalis
Goats or cars, you could get far

Make the switch and strike it rich

Fight the war, settle the score

Militant moves, nuke the dancefloor

Indoctrinate them to build a new Rome

Rule the world with a microphone

Witness the beauty of a cosmic membrane

Travel to it on a tank of methane

Its the future I see,

See with clarity

So I ask of thee

to get down and get funky!

It is the future that I see

So ask of thee

to get down and get funky yeah!

You desire an empire

Through the dust in madness we trust

Parasites on the political scene

Rely on war to maintain the machine

Party like its 99,

In nuclear bunkers, have a good time

Eat a buritto, with a taco,

Lets set the world on fire yo!

Its the future I see,

See with clarity

So I command thee

to get down and get funky!
Track Name: Anti Human






Efficient Machina,


Doing ,

Raison D’etre






To make it run,


To make it turn

System Directive,

Autonomic reaction

A world beyond what they can see,

Waves clash and unify

We are robotic,

No one knows why

Track Name: IAO
Indoctrinated untoucheables

Convinced of a righteous destiny

Watching your every move

A social idea that achieves mass effect

Nothing belongs to you, it belongs to them

A simulacrum in a digital domain

Politicians that trade in death

For the interests of the status quo

Navel gazing group thinkers

Legendary within their shared worlds

Two dimensional Monoliths

Walk around and they vanish

Dependent on your perspective

They need you more than you need them

When there’s limited resources within a flawed gem

A corporate persona

You use it for it aggression

Cloned authoritarian identity

Censoring thoughts to keep the pack intact

Powerful vassals totally unaware of themselves

Dutifully serving self interest

And a broken generational legacy

Consensus prioritized above reason

Enjoy your moment of pyrrhic reign

Your conditions are collapsing!

An interpretation of imperfection

Listening closely to the pulse of the void

A truth whispered by the king of lies!
Track Name: The Jackal
Look up to the sky, see the ash eclipse the sun

My response to your question is a loaded gun

I just want to suck the blood out of everyone

While I bark orders dreams remain unsung

My actions here, now, define my progeny

For I’m the coda in a despotic symphony

The armies of the world cower to my will

And I start wars and you collect the bill

I’m nature’s greatest mistake

And I reap from the profits I take

I’m the respectable face of the fake

I always get the biggest slice of cake

I am The One

Nations fall at my feet

The mob wants a king

Ideology is what they seek

The armies of the world cower to my will

And I start wars and you collect the bill

My actions are beyond reproach,

Do you want a piece of me?!

And my aims justify how far I can see
Track Name: Ziggurat
Lost in an alien world

Somehow I owe it yet it owes me not

Dragging, resistant shackled steps

Burned into the fabric of time

With nothing to lose

I drink from the chalice of Discordia

The pretense of rejoicing in chaos

Brings shallow solace and sadness and damning self defeat Yeah!

Detached and Aristotelean

An artefact of lost hope

Thinking away like clockwork

Fragmented and dispersed

Though it shall always remain

A libertarian for when it suits

A hypocrite when confronted with your own truth

I’d rather be an idealist than a cynic

But in this twilight I just see things in various shades of grey yeah!