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Free albums here! Check out my rock music without boundaries, it's about big riffs, even bigger guitar solos and prog rock wig outs.

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Track Name: Cold Stare
I've seen you here before, shadow of a former self
Track Name: Long Time Coming
Its been a long time coming yeeeaaarggghh
Track Name: Ho-Down
Ho-down down, get down in my dance pants
Track Name: Take it All
Take it all, take it all, take it all and be glad that you can 'cos you'll never be happy yeah!
Track Name: Blind Vision
Never understood the real in real world, its an engineered fabrication...
Track Name: Hell's a Place in Mexico
Well I've been drinking for three months...

Hey I told you so, Hell's a Place in Mexico
Track Name: WhiteBlood
Romance is dead and forget your tomorrow
'Cos love is the new sorrow
Killing myself makes me feel so alive
I don't need you 'cos I've got my chemical wives
I don't need hope 'cos I've sold my soul to dope
Track Name: Fail
Fight to breath, like a washed up fish on the future of futility
Track Name: Fight to the End
Fight to the end by any means necessary